"An explorative tenor-saxophonist with a sound of his own."
- Scott Yanow (Jazz Reviewer, Historian, and Author)

"Dave Goldberg plays solid, bop influenced jazz the way it's supposed to be done."
– Matt Schudel (Sun-Sentinel)

"Goldberg, displays a strong and assured tone and a maturity of style, rooted in swinging mainstream modern jazz."
- Sid Gribetz (Jazz Times Magazine)

“Surreality is the antidote to smooth jazz…Highly recommended, this quartet’s latest album looks to the future of jazz without digging up the roots."
- Jim Santella (LA Jazz Scene)

“He sounds wonderful, I’m quite impressed. He’s growing faster than I can even imagine."
- Ira Sullivan

"Goldberg seems intent on stepping away from the ready-at-hand. His lines often start where you expect, but end up somewhere else."
- David Dupont (Cadence Magazine)

"The Dave Goldberg Quartet is a very exciting group not merely cranking out the same old lame old."
- Bob Weinberg (Editor Jazziz Magazine)

"Goldberg's tenor sound is full and rich; yet, he remains light throughout."
- Jim Santella (LA Jazz Scene)

“When Time Approaches manages to sound both traditional and contemporary, no doubt a testament to the skill and influences of these exceptional players."
- City Link Best of Awards 2001

"Goldberg's tone throughout tends to be warm, and I'm especially stuck by his soprano tone on ballads like "Melakong…..He delivers solos that demonstrate real shape."
- Michael Coyle (Cadence Magazine)

“Trio Eclectic’s Breathe is an intriguing set of inventive modern jazz that features Dave Goldberg, Duane Allen, and Chris Wabich at their most intuitive as they create colorful music on the spot. It is well worth several listens." - Scott Yanow (Jazz Reviewer, Historian, and Author)